Unicorns have been BIG news for quite some time - here at MFM HQ we recently shared some of our own mums' amazing unicorn cakes.


And we've spotted the unicorn toy above - Glenda Glitterpoop - at a number of toy events we've been to over the last few months.

She looks like a real cutey at first, but press together the little handles at the back of her neck and she reveals a much fiercer side (watch our video of Glenda in action).

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Pretty funny, right?

Well, maybe not so, according to the reaction to a video mum Jessica Mags posted on social media.

The vid shows her little boy watching Glenda as she presses the magic levers to turn her from cuddly unicorn into scary unicorn... and her little boy goes from being all smiles to looking, well, terrified...

Here's the vid...

But even after accompanying the footage with a line to say "He's fine btw. He's asking to watch the video and is laughing at it," the clip still got a few pointed comments after it got shared more than 1.1 MILLION times.

"Great parenting skills - I’m sure that will not bother him at all," said one commenter sarcastically.

Another wrote: "I can't believe how many of you find this funny...see that little boy's reaction? These parents want their heads checked."

And another said: "What kind of mother would do that to their kids? .....Not funny or cute."

Although plenty saw the funny side too. "Where do we find one



?" asked a fan. While another agreed: "I can't stop laughing!"

What do you think?

Would you do this to your little one? Is it funny or mean? And is putting the vid on the internet a step too far? Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook

Images/video: Jessica Mags on Facebook/YouTube

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