Going back to work can benefit babies

Being a working mum has "no detrimental effects" and may even improve your child's behaviour, a new study has found


Going back to work in the early stages of your baby’s life will not harm your child’s development or personality, says  a new academic study.  


Researchers at University College London have found that being a working mum will have “no detrimental effects” and in fact can have a positive effect. According to the study of 19,000 kids born between 2000 and 2002, the best arrangement for your child’s emotional stability is to be brought up by two working parents.

However, single mums and unemployed parents may face problems. The study found that children brought up by single mothers or by two unemployed parents are more likely to have behavioural difficulties by the age of five. These problems include hyperactivity, aggression, tantrums and being worried or “clingy”.

“The mothers who are not working are more likely to be depressed. When we include that in our models it does explain some of those increased behaviour problems in children”, Dr Anne McMunn explains. “It’s important that we find ways to support families so that both parents can work and still combine child rearing and family life.”

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