Gok Wan knocks celebs for dressing children as adults

But Victoria Beckham's allegedly more interested in who's the most stylish out of Harper Seven and Suri Cruise


Gok Wan has spoken out against the celebrity craze of dressing children up like (very stylish) mini adults. Auntie Gok explained he didn’t have a problem with labels but thought children should be allowed to be children.


“It’s not the parents dressing children in designer clothes that bothers me,” Gok said. “If they can afford it, fine. But I have an issue with young children dressing up as adults. We should let (Victoria Beckham‘s daughter) Harper Seven be a kid first before we start hailing her as a new fashion icon.”

Gok’s comments aside, Victoria Beckham has been joking that her daughter will have a wardrobe war with the fashionable daughter of Katie Homes and Tom Cruise, Suri.

“Harper’s wardrobe is probably the most expensive collection of baby clothes amongst the Hollywood A-listers,” a source reportedly told Closer magazine. “Vic’s joked that Harper and Suri will have to have a ‘clothes-off’ and that they could launch a join fashion line.”

With the recent scandal of a 10-year-old girl’s provocative modelling shots for adult clothing, and the revelations that a French brand has released lingerie for girls as young as 4, we think Gok is talking sense.

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