We see a lot of post-birth and new mum photoshoots here at MFM HQ, and they're all pretty stunning.


But we've fallen totally and completely in love with this one by photographer Grace Elizabeth,

22-year-old Grace's amazing Gold Dust project sees women cover their post-pregnancy stretch marks and C-section scars with gold paint – a practice inspired by the Japanese art of Kintsugi.

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"Kintsugi focuses on fixing and putting back together broken ceramics with gold, the idea being that the ceramic item, once broken, now fixed, was more beautiful than before," Grace told the story-sharing site Love What Matters.

"I loved this idea very much, but refused to apply the ‘broken’ aspect to my project, because after all, postpartum women are not ‘broken’, and they do not require ‘fixing'.

"Therefore, the Gold Dust Project draws upon the beauty of gold and their beauty in their wonderful scars and stretchmarks."

"What has been most amazing to me, is the incredible response to this project. Every woman has been so on board with the idea, and has not only absolutely been behind it from the start, but they also have opened up to me in ways I couldn’t believe.

"This project has allowed me to absorb as much as possible from these women, who are of all shapes, sizes, backgrounds and ethnicities, whilst giving them the chance to discuss their pregnancy, issues that came along with it, body image, how they feel about their bodies and their experience as mothers.

"I am proud to be able to help these women in this way and personally, I feel even more empowered to decorate even my own tiger stripes!"

BRB, we're just off to find some gold paint ourselves...

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Images: Grace Elizabeth Photography

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