GMB weather presenter Laura Tobin's long-term forecast was definitely unexpected this morning - even taking into account the changeability of UK temperatures.


In an announcement which left her on-set colleagues open-mouthed, the 35-year-old could barely contain her joy as she revealed that she was pregnant with her first baby.

As visibly surprised Susanna Reid and Piers Morgan took in the news, Laura said:

"I literally can't believe it's May so I thought I'd do a little forecast looking ahead at what is coming up.

"Now as we head through the summer months it's looking likely to be drier and warmer than average, and as we head into September things will be blooming.

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"But it won't just be my dress [referring to her black floral frock], because I'm very pleased to let everyone know that come the end of October, I'll be having my own little ray of sunshine. I'm having a baby!"

When a shocked Piers and Susanna quizzed her on who already knew, Laura 'fessed up that so far, only her parents, her husband's parents and her boss at ITV had been told.

Looking moved, Susanna then revealed she 'had a tear' in her eye, while co-host Piers wasted no time in suggesting 'Piers is a great name, you know'.

Laura, who has been married to her husband Dean Brown since 2010, later took to Twitter to post 'Breaking news: Happy news for once. A new member to the @GMB team!' and to thank fans for their messages of congratulations.

Awwww! And what lovely news it is - and so much better than rain for the foreseeable future, right?

Pics: GMB/Twitter

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