Good news for pregnant dog owners

Got a pet dog? Turns out you're more likely to be fitter and more active during your pregnancy than dog-free mums-to-be


Mums-to-be who have a pet dog are more likely to be healthier and more active than those who don’t, a new study has found.


Thanks to dogs’ requirement to be walked regularly, women who own them are 50% more likely to hit the recommended 30 minutes of activity a day. And it probably feels a whole lot more fun than hitting the treadmill.

“We are increasingly seeing that exercising with a dog can lead to improved motivation and effectiveness,” said Dr Sandra McCune, from the Waltham Centre for Pet Nutrition.

The study looked at the lifestyles of more than 11,000 mums-to-be in the UK.

“As a low-risk exercise, dog walking can help women who may otherwise find it hard to meet their exercise targets, keep active and fit during pregnancy,” Dr Sandra explained.

Gone are the days when pregnant women were told to take it easy and rest up for nine months. Now, you’re encouraged to stay active for both your own health and your baby’s.

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