Goosebump alert! Suzanne Shaw’s emotional baby announcement video

Is this the most touching celebrity pregnancy announcement - at least this month? Watch how former Hear'say singer surprises her partner and 10-year-old son


News of a new baby is always mega exciting and a bit emotional – but Suzanne Shaw surely takes the prize for making the most heart-melting, tear-inducing pregnancy announcement ever!


The singer decided to give her fiancé Sam Greenfield one heck of a Valentine’s Day surprise – by telling him he was about to become a dad!  But rather than just tell him straight out, Suzanne laid a series of clues with a poem and a boxed gift.

Suzanne filmed her husband-to-be as he read out the words in the card and then opened the present – which rather than containing a watch or a pen which its size and shape suggested, Sam was instead confronted with a positive pregnancy test!

Overcome with emotion, he can be seen putting his head in his hands and shedding a tear or three – as did we as we watched it! 

Suzanne shaw makes pregnancy announcement

But Suzanne’s big reveal didn’t end there. The pair then decided to film her son Corey’s reaction to the news. The 10-year-old – whose dad is Darren Day – seemed at first worried he was in some kind of trouble when his mum handed him a card to read out loud. And then, as the penny finally drops that he is going to be a big brother, Corey – resplendent in a dinosaur onesie – throws himself down on the sofa in either horror or disbelief! 

Excited Suzanne, 33, issued a statement saying that she and Sam were ‘delighted’ to be expanding their family and added that she wanted to make the big reveal ‘extra special for both Sam and Corey’.  We think she succeeded – watch her video to see if you agree! 

Picture credit: Suzanne Shaw/YouTube 

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