Tamzyn Rollinson, from Hove, gave birth to her stillborn daughter just 3 weeks ago.


While putting together a memory box, she was desperate to get hold of a blanket just like the one she'd wrapped her little girl in when she gave birth, to add to the chest.

But when Tamzyn looked online the blanket seemed to be out of stock everywhere.

She sent a private message to Tesco via Facebook asking if they could help, and eventually they managed to track one down.

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Not only were they able to find one of the blankets that was so precious to Tamzyn, two staff members delivered it in person to her, along with some flowers.

Tamzyn shared this on Facebook:

"Hi Tesco, I just want to say a massive thank you to your lovely customer service team, I sent them a private message last night to see if they could try and find a baby blanket for me that was currently out of stock everywhere.

I really wanted to get hold of this certain blanket as my little girl was stillborn nearly 3 weeks ago and this is the same blanket I wrapped her in when she was born so I wanted one for myself to go in her memory box ?

? Tesco employees managed to track one down for me this morning and the lovely staff at the Shoreham by sea branch went out of their way to hand deliver me not only the beautiful blanket but a gorgeous bunch of flowers and a card too!

? It was such a kind thing for you all to do and I thank you so much xx."

Wow - all we can say is, what total heroes. ?

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