Gwyneth Paltrow fears her children are addicted to video games

The actress tweeted she can’t get her kids off the Wii


Actress Gwyneth Paltrow says that she is regretting letting Apple, 7 and Moses, 5, her children with musician husband Chris Martin, have a Nintendo Wii as she can’t get them to stop playing with the games console.


“How the f do i get these kids off the wii? i swore i would never have one in the house, now they freebase Mario,” she said on her Twitter page. She then posted a pic of her cute kids in the middle of a game – check out Moses’ fabulous Star Wars pyjamas!

Gwyneth’s Twitter followers and website fans then added their own suggestions to wean the children off video games, including sending them to “Wii-hab”. Another fan tried to reassure the star mum, “I reluctantly let my kids play – now one’s a computer scientist, the other a Marine Biologist/geek. Don’t fret, keep shoving out the love and they’ll turn out fine.”

Despite their passion for computer games, Apple and Moses’ gran, and 38-year-old Gwyneth’s mum, Blythe Danner says they are “remarkable and perfect” children.

“They’re so perfect – truly, they are. Quite remarkable! I’ve just never met children like this, that are so secure and have such great self-control and self-image. They’re just great kids,” Blythe said.

Gwyneth has also recently posted a picture on Twitter, showing her car being pulled over by police. “Oops. Busted by New York’s finest,” read the caption, yet she doesn’t explain further why she was stopped.

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