Hair straighteners blamed for rise in child burns

Experts warn parents to keep them out of reach of children in the wake of Child Safety Week.


The number of cases of children under 5 being burnt with heated hair tongs has rocketed by 50% in the last decade, according to health experts.


With temperatures reaching up to 220 degrees and remaining hot for up to eight minutes after they have been switched off, the popular hair styling tool can be a safety risk to unattended, wandering young children.

Your child’s skin is 15 times thinner than an adults, so the chances of permanent scarring is likely. 

Worryingly, parents who were polled by CAPT (The Child Accident Prevention Trust) were less worried about hair straighteners being a risk than common dangers such as plug sockets, with only one in 15 stating that it was a major risk.

The key things to remember are to keep wires and heated devices completely out of arms reach of your kids and be vigilant in tucking them away somewhere where they aren’t a temptation or a curiosity to children looking for something to play with.

“With the rapid pace of modern life and the speed at which children develop, it can be a challenge for parents to stay one step ahead in preventing serious accidents. It is often the small changes that make the difference. The trick is to make them a habit,” Katrina Phillips, chief executive of CAPT has stated.


Child Safety Week starts today

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