Halle Berry calls for children’s law

Actress speaks in favour of anti-paparazzi legislative bill


Actress Halle Berry has spoken in favour of a new American law that would protect children from paparazzi photographers.


State Senate Bill 606 will increase punishment for the crime of intentionally harrassing a child due to his or her parent’s employment. 

“Just getting up in the morning trying to go to school is hard for us,” Berry explained, giving evidence before California state legislature. “Every day my daughter rejects going to school. Why? Becuase she knows ‘the men’ are waiting for her at the schoolyard. They jump out of bushes, they jump out of cars..” Berry went on to liken her daughter’s school playground to a “battleground” because of photographers’ behaviour.

Berry is pregnant with a child by actor and hubby-to-be Olivier Martinez.

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