Halle Berry takes ex to court over daughter’s hair

Halle demands that ex-husband Gabriel Aubry leaves their daughter's curly hair natural


Halle Berry has taken her ex-husband to court to protect her daughter’s natural hair. Their 6-year-old daughter, Nahla, has naturally curly hair but her dad Gabriel Aubry has allegedly been straightening and lightening Nahla’s hair over the past year. Halle worries that making Nahla look less African-American could cause “psychological damage”.


“I continue to worry about the potential psychological and physical damage to Nahla that can be caused by the use of chemical hair treatments and the psychological message that it conveys to Nahla,” Halle wrote in a statement supported by ‘before and after’ photos of Nahla’s hair in an LA court, according to Yahoo. “[And I] implore the court to put a stop to Gabriel’s attempts to alter our daughter’s appearance and most probably cause her to wonder why her natural appearance is not good enough.”

At the hearing on 24 Novemeber, the judge agreed and ruled that neither parent can alter the girl’s hair in the future.

The couple split in 2010 but share joint custody of their daughter.

Other celebrity hair straighteners

British actress Thandie Newton revealed that she decided to stop straightening her own hair, so that her daughters Ripley, 14, and Nico, 10, wouldn’t feel insecure about their natural curls.

“I’ve always let my daughter’s hair be wild and scruffy… when they were papped in the States I had remarks about how I don’t take care of their hair,” she said, according to the Daily Mail. “The truth is I choose to keep it that way. When I see hair that’s been pulled, stretched, brushed till bullet smooth I just think ‘ouch’.”


Peter Andre had a clash with his ex Katie Price over his daughter Princess’s hair. He previously discussed how much he dislikes his ex-wife straightening his daughter’s naturally curly hair.

“There was a photo in the papers of Princess and her mum and my daughter clearly had her hair straightened, he wrote in his New! Magazine column back in 2011. “In my opinion, a 3-year-old child shouldn’t have her lovely hair straightened. If she wants to do it when she’s older that’s fine. I’d prefer it if her lovely curls were left natural.”

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