They set the world, and their music career, alight with catchy tune ‘Mmmbop’, but it seems the Hanson boys are about to be knocked off their pop royalty spot - by their own sons!


The talented musicians have revealed their children are already mimicking them, so the likelihood of a new Hanson band is definitely on the cards.

“Each of us has a boy that was born in 2008 – they sort of fit our roles,” Zac told Oprah on ‘Where are they Now?’ reports People magazine.

“Viggo… he’s kind of the mastermind and Isaac’s 4-year-old Monroe, he’s kind of the show man, the frontman, he’s very outgoing.”

“And my son Shepherd…he hits things! He’s sort of the muscle.”

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Excited? I know we are!

But juggling their family life and career seems to be taking its toll on the loveable boy band.

“I think the last four years in a row we did right around 40 to 50 shows in the U.S. each year,” said Isaac.

“It can be a hard thing. We all have kids and wives and lawns to mow,” adds Zac.

Zac has two children, Shepherd, 4, and Junia Rosa Ruth, 1, with wife Kate, and Isaac has two sons, Clarke Everett, 5, and James Monroe, 4, with partner Nicole.

But Taylor has the biggest brood of all, with Jordan Ezra, 10, Penelope Anne, 7, River Samuel, 6, Viggo Moriah, 3, and newest family member, Wilhelmina Jane, who isn't even a month old yet!

But the Hanson clan are not the only celebs who have child stars in the making.

Alicia Keys has revealed her son is extremely musical, Britney Spears’ sons are following in her dancer footsteps, and Pink’s daughter Willow is a dab hand at the piano.

Is your little one musical?

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