OK, we didn't see this coming. We know Ashlee Simpson and husband Evan Ross have music in their veins, but we didn't bank on them giving their newborn daughter quite such a rock 'n' roll moniker - even if Evan did say in a recent interview that the name would be 'unique'!


As they already have a son called Bronx, the couple were unlikely to ever go down the Sarah/Jane/Ann route with their newborn, but surely no one could have predicted what they HAVE gone for...

Obviously huge Rolling Stones fans, the pair have bestowed Stones' frontman Mick's surname upon their little girl as her first name, and followed it with a nod to... well, who knows, the weather? Yep, welcome to the world little Jagger Snow.

Ashlee was seen heading to hospital in LA last Thursday, and Jagger is believed to have arrived shortly after.

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Ashlee Simpson reveals baby's name

The 30-year-old singer and actress announced they were having a little girl back in February, revealing they had been keen to find out the sex - no doubt so they could start planning names right away.

Jagger as a name - regardless of the baby's gender - does seem to be a popular choice among celebs though with reality star Rachel Zoe having it as a middle name for her son, while tennis champ Lindsay Davenport chose it as the first name for her little boy, as did actor and filmmaker Jason Goldberg. And it's not necessarily a new thing (well, it wouldn't be given that Mick is now 72) - Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee (remember them) plumped for it back in 1997 as a middle name for their son Dylan.

A word of warning though - despite its rock star connotations the name literally means a 'carter' or 'peddlar' of goods, which somehow dampens the glam credentials a little we think...

But many congratulations to Ashlee and Evan - no doubt little Jagger Snow's name suits her perfectly and is special and meaningful to them. We can't wait to hear the reason behind it though!

Picture: Ashlee Simpson/Instagram

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