Has baby Mabel made Bruce Willis go soft?

Die Hard bad boy turns doting dad for daughter


Having spent the last 25 years dodging explosions, firing weapons and kicking serious baddie butt in the name of the Die Hard franchise, Bruce Willis has come up against his most cunning challenger yet – his baby daughter Mabel.


She may lack the physical capacity of some of Willis’ previous adversaries, but 10-month-old Mabel more than makes up for it with her ingeniously adorable battle moves.

Speaking to the Daily Mirror, besotted Bruce admitted, “She sticks her hand in my face and pulls me over by the ear. My job is just trying to make my little baby laugh.”

Clearly fatherhood agrees with Bruce, who also has three grown-up daughters with ex-wife Demi Moore and admits when it comes to his girls, he’s just a big softie.

“I’m very sentimental with my children and I indulge them to a very high degree,” he said. “I feel like I have the same amount of love I used to have, if not more. I like getting up early and I like looking after Mabel and it’s just very exciting – it makes me very happy.”

Tough-guy in warm and fuzzy feelings shocker! Whatever next – Arnie for president?!

Oh, hang on a minute….


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