Has Cheryl hinted what her baby’s name will be?

The mum-to-be and boyfriend Liam's past thoughts on potential names are revealed...


There’s said to be not long to go ’til pregnant Cheryl welcomes her 1st child with Liam Payne.


And it seems that, in the run up to the birth, speculation’s starting over what the popstar couple will call their little one.

OK! has especially been on the case when it comes to determining what the name might be. In a recent article, the mag guessed that a baby girl could be named Nora, after Cheryl’s great-grandmother.

33-year-old Cheryl discovered the lovely moniker in an episode of BBC’s Who Do You Think You Are?, which aired in Dec 2016.

(We also wonder if Cheryl’s beloved mum Joan might inspire a middle name?)

Meanwhile, back in 2012, Cheryl told GQ her preference for a baby boy.

“Of course I’ve thought about baby names a million times. I like Alfie for a little boy,” she admitted.

So, then, we’ve got a potential Nora, Joan or Alfie… but what about Liam’s fave names?

The 23-year-old One Direction star discussed potential names, long before he became a father-to-be, in an interview with The Hits Radio.

“I like the name Taylor,” he said, as reported by The Mirror.

“Taylor’s pretty neutral for a boy or a girl. That’s what I’m going to call my first child.”

There are a few pretty gorgeous – and somewhat traditional – baby names thrown in the mix there. We wonder if they’ll agree on one of these, or go for something completely unexpected.

What do you think they’ll go for – or do you have any suggestions for the happy couple?

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