Has Kimberley Walsh let her baby’s gender slip with ‘nesting’ pic?

Mum-to-be singer has been busy washing newborn’s clothes


With only a month to go, Kimberley Wash is busy nesting to make sure everything is ready for her baby’s arrival.


And it seems the Girls Aloud singer is well organised, as she’s washed all of her baby clothes already.

“Sorry I haven’t tweeted for a while been busy #nesting,” the mum-to-be tweeted.

But amongst the rows of white clothes we can’t help but notice a few hints of baby blue, and even a navy blue polka dot babygro!

Is Kimberley hinting that she’s expecting a baby boy?

“Part of me did want to find out what the sex is but I’m determined not to and it’s quite nice to play the guessing game,” she wrote in her OK! Magazine column in April. We wonder if she’s changed her mind!


Speculation aside, Kimberley has also shared the news from her final check-up.

“Everything went well. The baby’s blood flow was normal, its head’s also down and it’s in the right position.

“The nurse did tell me the baby was a very healthy weight, which of course is a good thing, but it does make me worry about how big my baby’s going to be! I am really feeling the weight now, I feel heavy.

“It’s been like that for a while and they don’t think it’ll change now, so everything’s pointing to me being able to have a normal, natural birth,” she said. 

Photos: Instagram / Kimberley Walsh

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