Hasbro’s return to old faves for Christmas 2011

MFM spent the afternoon at the Hasbro Christmas in July event reliving its childhood… with a modern twist!


This Christmas, Hasbro is inviting us all to relive our childhood through its great selection of toys and games for kids and all the family.


A lot of the toys on offer this year were the same as the toys we played with as little boys and girls – only more modern and updated!

There was a selection of family games, such as Connect 4, but instead of using a strategy to work out where to slot your disk, this 3D version creates more family fun by firing the red and yellow coloured disks onto a 2-layered playing area from a mini spring board.

Anyone remember Simon Says? Well this modern version is a real memory tester. Four light-up cubes in different colours form a light pattern. Once the lights go out, you’ve got to guess which order the lights flashed in by arranging the cubes accordingly. This will provide hours of fun for anyone, any age.

Let’s not forget good old Monopoly. The new versions are really great because they reflect our current economic state. With alterations to locations, and some options where you only use a credit card to load up your cash, these traditional board games are becoming more and more like real life.

For those of you who’ve seen Thor, your kids can now role play with his hammer. It looks solid but it’s soft so kids are safe when playing. Transformers and Star Wars are always really big, and with a light saber and masks, children will be able to find the Luke Skywalker inside themselves.

MFMs personal favourite of the afternoon has got to be the musical Elmo. With a variety of instruments, this interactive toy. Elmo will talk and tell you what instrument he wants and sing along to the tunes he plays.

Last but not least it’s Mr Potato Head. With so many outfits now and a female version, we’ve been spoilt for choice! We’ve been warned to watch out next year – Mr Potato Head will have a special surprise in store for us to celebrate his 60th anniversary.

Prices for these products are hush-hush for now, but we’ll keep you updated as we get nearer to Christmas.

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