Wow, this is a bit of an OMG moment if it turns out to be true.


Word on the street (or at least in the press) is that Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling had a second baby last month - another little girl. And didn't tell anyone. Yikes.

Celeb gossip website TMZ claims to have seen the birth certificate for the baby which reveals she was born at 8.30am at the Santa Monica Providence St John's Health Center in Los Angeles on 29 April, and is named Amada Lee Gosling.

The biggest part of the story though is that it was only rumoured the couple were expecting again two weeks ago, when US Weekly claimed that Eva, who is 42, was trying to hide her burgeoning baby bump during a photo shoot.

If true, like plenty of other celeb couples, the Mendes-Goslings have decided to keep entirely mum about it.

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To add more mystery to the whole scenario, the 'new mum' was spotted out with her family on Sunday, which was Mother's Day in the US, and while Ryan was carrying their eldest daughter, 18-month-old Esmeralda, there was no sign of the apparent latest addition.

Regardless of the facts surrounding baby Amada's existence, one thing is certain and documented - Ryan's utter devotion to his family.

In a recent interview with Canadian Hello! magazine he said they were his 'biggest investment'.

"'I'm with the person I'm supposed to be with - I'm not looking for anything else beyond Eva - and I feel very lucky that we have a beautiful, healthy daughter, who is an angel. That's investment enough for me," he said, adding that "being a dad isn't rocket science - I can handle it".


Gosh though - we SO want the baby Amada story to be true - and if it is, what lovely news for Ryan and Eva. (And we can't wait to see the first pics.)

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