Have Jamie and Jools Oliver revealed their new baby’s name?

All the reports say so... but are they just teasing us?


If the papers are anything to go by today, there’s no doubt as to what Jamie and Jools Oliver have named their new addition to the family.


Thanks to a timely Instagram post and a doting auntie’s cryptic online message, Little Baby Oliver’s first and second names are definitely out of the bag – apparently.


Jools posted this gorgeous picture – of what looks like it could be a nursery name plate – on her Instagram account along with two emojis – a rocket and a heart: ? ?

So, everyone’s thinking River Rocket, right?

There was actually a tip off that this might just be the name a few days ago, when Jamie’s Dad Trevor posted a pic of him and his wife on a boat, with a caption “Mucking about on the river” on his Instagram account.


A poster called annmariehunt – who we’re pretty sure is Jamie’s sister – wrote next to it: “It’s all about the River today! ????”

So – was she privy to insider info? Looks like she might have been…

These all seem like pretty strong clues that the newest Oliver is called River Rocket – and it certainly goes with the other cute, hippie names the Oliver children have – big brother Buddy Bear’s name also has the alliteration and nature theme.

But it seems not everyone’s thinking along the same lines.

“I think I would have reversed it instead of dream big river I’d call him river dream big” said one Instagram user – who obviously took the nursery sign very literally.

Another asked: “Is it River Rocket Blue?” We’re guessing they got the ‘Blue’ from the blue heart emoji Jools posted. 

And here at MadeForMums we wondered if the little rabbit shoes the new baby was pictured in was a clue: so do we have a River Rocket Bunny Blue Oliver?

Just maybe – but we’ll wait for confirmation from J&J one that one first ?

Photos: Trevor Oliver on Instagram / Jools Oliver on Instagram

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