Have you ever parked on zig zag lines to drop your kids to school?

One mum was so annoyed with other parents doing it she took some pretty drastic action...


Here at MFM we’ve learnt there aren’t many topics that get the hackles up of parents with kids of a certain age quite as much as school parking.


So how do you feel about this one? A mum from Leicester – who wishes to remain anonymous – took photos of cars parked on the zig zag lines (designated no parking areas) outside her daughter’s school and shared them on a local community Facebook page.


The Leicester Mercury reported the mum as saying:

“I live about two miles away so I have to drop my daughter off by car every day.

“I’m happy to park further down the road and walk her in but there are far too many that don’t do that and it’s an accident waiting to happen.

“They stop on the zigzag lines, shoehorn the children out of the car and drive off, then the next one comes along. It’s like a conveyor belt.

“I was nearly knocked over myself the other week when someone didn’t see me on the zigzag lines and started reversing. If I had been a child, they might not have seen anything at all and then they could have a fatality on their hands.”

Members of the Facebook page she posted the pics on were generally in support of what she’d done (as you might expect) – one commenting:

 “Absolutely appalling! I would be so ashamed!! I know school traffic is bad but parking on the zig zag is a blatant disregard of safety. It’s only a matter of time before there’s a injury.

“How would you live with yourself if it was you behind the wheel, in a rush, on the zig zags when a child is run over?”

And another said: “Print [the pics] off and hand copies to the council and police – they will think twice about doing it when the £80 fine comes through the door.”

Though there was this too:

“I’m sure you should cover their number plates – I live on this street and you got my car on the pic I don’t want my plate on here thanks.”

All in all, it has to be said that the comments were pretty overwhelmingly in favour of what she’d done – both on the community Facebook page and the local paper.

Though – there are obviously a fair few people who do this (maybe you have? Maybe you had good reason to?)  – so what’s their take on what she’s done, we wonder?

What do you think?

Have you ever found yourself doing a spot of cheeky parking when doing the school run? Do you wonder what the problem is? Or would you never dream of doing it?

Tell us in the comments below or over on Facebook.

Images: Facebook/Spotted, New Parks and surrounding areas

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