What number baby were you? An online tool that calculates what number baby you were, if you were born in a UK NHS hospital in the past 66 years, has gone viral.


You may have noticed the free widget on your Facebook or Twitter feeds over the weekend. So what's it all about?

It's the clever invention of the Labour party, who've launched a website to mark the anniversary of the founding of the NHS 66 years ago on 5 July 1848.

The free baby-number calculator requires you to fill out your birth date, name, postcode and email address in return for their ‘best estimate’ of your baby number, using the most recent census data.

So, if you were born on 5 July 1988, for example, you will discover you were the 27,353,464th baby born in the NHS since it was founded.

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And, we have to confess, it is mildly addictive finding out your own number and then the numbers of your children and other family members.

We should, perhaps, alert you to the face that the small print does say that by filling in your details, you accept that you may be contacted about the Labour party – but the small print does also state you can opt out of this at any time.

"The NHS is Labour's proudest achievement, and to mark its 66th anniversary, we wanted to give people a fun way of seeing where they personally fit in," a Labour Party spokesperson said.

"Everyone knows the incredible work of our NHS staff, but this was a chance for people to see how they are part of this amazing story. It's being shared a lot online because it is fun, because people love the NHS, and because they're worried about what is happening to it under the Tories."

Politics or not, we think it's great fun! What number are you? Do let us know in the comments below!

Photo: Labour

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