Having a baby strengthens couples

A new baby improves family relationships but old friends often loose out, new research finds


Having a baby transforms mums’ relationships with both family and friends, a survey by Aptamil has found. The survey asked 4,200 mums how they felt about being a modern mum. One in 10 of the mums claimed they never see their old friends now they have children. But it’s not all doom and gloom as almost a third get their best support from new mum-friends they made once they’ve had their baby.


“Pre-motherhood friendships diminish in their importance and friendship seems to become more organised around other mums with kids,” said Dr Ellie Lee, from Kent University.

Having a baby also strengthens your relationship with your partner. Eight out of 10 mums said that having a baby had brought them closer together. Family relationships also grow as new mums rely on their own parents for advice and support.

Christine Northam from Relate, a charity that provides relationship support, said, “Having a baby can be a wonderful experience for a family, we often see couples whose relationship has flourished because of a new arrival.”


Reassuring news after hearing that having children wrecks your social life! Find out how to keep yours on track.

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