Headmistress gives birth and goes back to work seven hours later

Girls receive hands-on lessons in parenting as head brings newborn to school


A headmistress has proved to her pupils that girls can have it all when they’re older by returning to her desk just seven hours after giving birth.


Dr Helen Wright, 39, went into labour early in the morning and, after a quick and straightforward birth, was back in her study by lunchtime the same day – with her newborn Jessica in tow.

“The day I had Jessica I went into hospital in Bath at 5.45am,” said Helen. “I had her less than an hour later and I was discharged three hours later. I felt absolutely brilliant so I thought, ‘Why not share that?'”

Since Jessica, 8 weeks, was born, she’s accompanied her mum to work at St Mary’s Calne school in Wiltshire every day. Helen breastfeeds Jessica between meetings and lets her doze during her more busy moments.

“Most mothers want their daughters to have the exhilarating excitement of a career they love and the joy of a family. I have that and I want to show the girls at St Mary’s that it’s not an impossible dream,” explained Helen.

This is not the first time the mum of three has sacrificed maternity leave to head back to work. Helen didn’t take maternity leave with her two older children Harry, 6, and Caitlin, 3, saying, “When I had Caitlin on a Friday, I was back in school by the Monday. I was slightly faster this time as it was baby number three.”

And Jessica’s proving to be a popular pupil at St Mary’s, where socialite Jade Jagger went to school. “The girls love having Jessica around the school,” said Helen, “Many haven’t seen a newborn before. I think it’s marvelous that I can share Jessica with everyone here.”


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