If you're in your 1st trimester of pregnancy, but want to wait til you're 3 months in before you start shouting it out from the rooftops ? then look no further.


While some women in the early stages of pregnancy won't look or feel too different, many more will - so hopefully these pregnancy-masking items will help keep things on the down low until you're ready to talk...

P.S. Congratulations ?

1. Drinks that can be disguised as alcohol


Why this? A sure fire giveaway that you're expecting is suddenly becoming a bit shy when it comes to work drinks, or shunning a trip to the pub with friends.

If you're in someone's home, why not drink grape juice, which can easily be passed off as wine? Shloer has a refreshing range of sparkling juices that look like prosecco or fizzy rosé.

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Alternatively, you can go for another one of our tried-and-tested alternatives for wine, gin, beer, and even cocktails.

Or if you're out and about, discreetly ask the person working behind the bar to serve you a small coke or a lemonade in a spirit glass.

What it costs: Shloer is available from most major supermarkets, costing around £1 - £2 per 750ml bottle

2. Wear a maternity band to hide a growing bump


Why these? Although you're only a few weeks pregnant, your bump could well be becoming quite visible, especially if you have a petite frame. A maternity or 'bump band' is a good way of smoothing over your bump so it it doesn't stick out under your clothes.

Wearing looser clothing is also an option. But if you usually wear your clothes a bit more fitted, your change of style might become noticeable.

What it costs: £17 for 3 jersey maternity bands in pink, white and black, from ASOS

3. Natural facial scrubs to refresh your skin


Why these? With a sudden change in hormone levels, some women find that pregnancy makes their skin look tired or worse, they break out in spots.

Refresh your face with a cleanser or facial scrub with natural ingredients, such as this Tea Tree foaming cleanser from The Body Shop or Burt's Bees anti-blemish facial scrub, which is completely natural and vegan.

What it costs: Tea Tree Foaming Cleanser, £6, from The Body Shop, and Anti-Blemish Pore Refining Scrub, £11.49, from Burt's Bees

4. Add a pop of colour to your cheeks


Why this? We've all heard of pregnant women experiencing a 'glow' in their complexion - but what about the ladies who are constantly shattered and always throwing up? They tend to look a bit less glowly, and a bit more pale and washed out.

Using a rouge, such as this one from legendary make-up brand Bobbi Brown, on your cheeks and lips will put a bit of colour in your face. It can easily slot in your bag, too.

What it costs: Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge for Lips and Cheeks, £21, available in 10 shades

5. Drink plenty of water


Why this? This is a given in everyday life but especially so when you're having a baby.

Constantly throwing up in the early weeks of pregnancy can leave you feeling very dehydrated. This makes you lose a lot of water, which can in turn bring on headaches and even more nausea.

And the best thing about this pregnancy-hiding hack is it's free ?

6. Replace your tea and coffee with caffeine-free alternatives


Why this? Shunning coffee every time someone offers you a drink at work will send alarm bells ringing if you're someone with a 5-cup-a-day habit.

And while a little bit of coffee is safe to drink during pregnancy, you could replace your regular afternoon drinks with a caffeine-free version.

You could even replace coffee or English Breakfast tea with a herbal flavour. We like peppermit, as it could help to quell any sicky feelings.

(Remember that raspberry leaf tea (not raspberry flavoured tea) is not recommended before 34 weeks of pregnancy, and that green tea still contains caffeine.)

What it costs: We love Tea Pigs Peppermint Tea, which is £3.99 a box of 15 tea bags, from most supermarkets

7. Keep nausea at bay with ginger


Why these? More than 80% of women experience morning sickness in their first 12 weeks of pregnancy and this can be very difficult to conceal if you're constantly running to the loo at work.

Ginger is said to help reduce nausea and, in our opinion, the best way to take it is in biscuit form!

Make your own or pick up a pack of ginger snaps at your local shop. Now, if only we had such a great excuse to scoff chocolate digestives...

What it costs: Fox's Ginger Crinkles and Nairn's Oats and Stem Ginger Biscuit Breaks are available from most UK supermarkets, prices vary

8. Acupressure to ease morning sickness


Why this? If you're suffering from morning sickness these rather cool accupressure wristbands are worth a try.

Wear them under a long-sleeved top and no one will ever know! The theory is they work by pressing down on your pressure points, which control sickness and dizziness.

What it costs: £8.59 per pack, from The Sea-Band

9. Buy an unscented fabric conditioner


Why this? During early pregnancy you may find that your sense of smell is heightened, meaning strong smells can trigger sickness.

Our washing detergents and fabric conditioners usually come with a strong fragrance to give clothes that fresh smell, but it can become overpowering if you're sat in them all day.

Try a non bio washing detergent such as Fairy Non Bio and Ecover Non Bio, which have more natural muted scents or a fragrance-free product such as Surcare.

What it costs: Fairy, Ecover and Surcare are available at most major retailers, prices vary

10. Keep some plain crackers in your bag


Why these? And lastly, it's so important to carry on eating even if you feel sick, as not doing so could inadvertently make you feel even more.

A supply of plain crackers to nibble on slowly throughout the day is a good way to keep sickness at bay.

We like these crackers from Jacobs because they're a classic, so no one will wonder why you've suddenly got a bag full of 'em...

What it costs: Prices vary, from major UK supermarkets

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