Headmistress offers parents lessons in bringing up children

London based school suggests there IS a rulebook when it comes to being a parent


Classes teaching you how to be a parent are now on offer at St Paul’s girls’ school in London. Headmistress Clarissa Farr aims to help mums and dads get better at tackling daily issues such as, playing an instrument and even having a chat with your kids.


Around 50,000 mums and dads are being targeted in a trial Government campaign across the country to help them be better parents. But the classes at St Paul’s aimed at “high flyers”, have been criticized for making parents more anxious and stressed than before. Whether there will be homework, playtime and milk breaks hasn’t been made clear.

From a headteacher with so much experience, perhaps sending them back to school isn’t the answer. After all, we’re told modern parenting standards are better than ever before. Let’s just hope all the mums and dads get gold stars in their planners. 


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