The weeks leading up to the arrival of a new baby can be soooo busy and hectic, right?


There's loads to do, making sure you have everything you need in place for the new family member and preparing yourself mentality for the huge changes that are about to happen.

And we're guessing it was no different for this cute couple, Jessica and Cagney. Until just 3 weeks before Jessica's due date, when Cagney was told he had aggressive, stage 4 brain cancer.


Leading up to the birth, Cagney had 3 brain surgeries.

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When Jessica went into the labour ward to deliver her baby, Cagney was wheeled in to watch.

Despite being desperately ill, the utter joy on his face when he meets his darling child, Levon, for the first time, is simply beautiful.

We're not going to say any more about this - the video really speaks for itself....(please be aware you might need tissues, it really is a tearjerker).

Our thoughts and hugs go out to this incredible family - we are in awe of you guys? ?

Levon's Birth Story from SarahBoccolucciPhotography on Vimeo.

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