Heartwarming moment: boy, 5, insists mum buys dinner for homeless man

Diners were left in tears after boy welcomed him inside restaurant and offered him a menu


Let’s face it: most people would try not to notice a homeless person standing outside the cafe where they were eating. But diners at a restaurant in Pratville, Alabama were reduced to tears when a 5-year-old boy insisted his mum buy dinner for one such homeless man.


Josian Duncan saw the dishevelled man stood outside the Waffle House and began asking his mum Ava Faulk questions about him – why he was there, where his house was, where his family was and where he’d keep his groceries if he didn’t have a home. As mum Ava explained about homelessness and that the man didn’t have money to buy food, Josian insisted his mum should buy the man a meal.

So Ava and her son invited the man inside the restaurant and he sat down at a table. “He came in and sat down, and nobody really waited on him,” Ava told WSFA 12 News. “So Josiah jumped up and asked him if he needed a menu because you can’t order without one.”

Once the food was brought out to the man, Josiah sang a prayer to bless the meal. “The man cried, I cried. Everybody cried,” Ava said. “Watching my son touch 11 people in that Waffle House tonight will be forever one of the greatest accomplishments as a parent I’ll ever get to witness.”

Photos: WSFA.com / Ava Faulk

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