Mum reveals shocking news of child burned by playground toy WARNING: graphic pictures

Girl left with huge blisters on her feet after stepping on scalding hot metal toy.


A mum has issued an urgent warning to parents after her child suffered severe burns from an overheated playground toy. Little Maddy was left with huge blisters on her feet after she stepped on a boiling hot metal toy on a hot summer’s day.


The girl’s mum, Joleen Kellams, from Washington in the US, shared photos of her daughter’s horrific burns on Facebook to warn other parents of the dangers of hot playground toys – including metal slides. The warning is a timely reminder as the UK swelters in a heatwave.

Joleen wrote: “Dear people that have children or will be around children this summer,

Soon it will be hot. Super hot. I beg you, please don’t just throw your children on metal toys at playgrounds, aquatic centers, backyards or anywhere! They get hotter than we know and can seriously burn their tender skin. Plastic can get really hot too. Please, please, please check the toys your child is going to be playing on and remember if it’s hot to you, it’s hotter to them. Even though Maddy wasn’t burned on playground equipment, she was burned on metal I would have never thought about getting super hot. I don’t want to see any other littles burned like she was. You don’t want your child to go through something like this.”

Has your child ever been burned by a hot toy on a summer’s day? Let us know in the comments below.

Photos: Facebook / Joleen Kellams

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