Heavily pregnant Frankie Sanford to skip upcoming concerts

The Saturday's Frankie has been advised to rest up


Frankie Sanford, of girlband The Saturdays, has announced on Twitter that she won’t be performing at the band’s upcoming gigs.


She Tweeted yesterday: “Hey guys, really sad I won’t be there for the next few gigs, as I’ve been advised not to perform by my doctor until after the baby arrives.”

“But don’t worry, I know my other 4 Sats will totally rock it while I’m resting the bump. I’ll be back ASAP! X”

Frankie – who hasn’t revealed her due date but is thought to be between six and seven months pregnant – has recently spoken out about her changing body during pregnancy.

“It’s nice, but I wouldn’t say I’m one of those people who feels like they’re glowing. If I wasn’t working and having to do photoshoots and performances, I think I’d enjoy it a bit more,” she told Now Magazine.

She continued: “When you’re next to everyone on stage in corsets and you’re in a baggy T-shirt, it’s just awkward and takes some getting used to.”

Last month, Frankie shared that she was receiving reflexology treatment for water rentention, saying on Twitter: “It’s amazing! The first time in months that I’ve had ankles and bones in my feet! Water retention is a b***h!”

Water retention is common in the latter stages of pregnancy. If you’re suffering some uncomfortable symptoms, have a look at our tips for tackling water retention.

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