Helen Skelton on taming a 2-year-old: “Bribery works for me”

Let's see how Helen's getting on with her eldest son Ernie, shall we?


Let’s get real for a second: you wouldn’t think it to look at their cute lil’ faces, but 2-year-olds can be a right handful.


And though it all seems picture-perfect over on TV presenter Helen Skelton’s family-focused Instagram, she was more than happy to tell team MFM that her toddler, Ernie, is a bit of a poster child for the so-called ‘terrible 2s’.

“He’s a master of manipulation, and he’s only 2 and a half,” she laughs in a chat with MadeForMums.

“[He’s a tinker] on a daily basis – last week he set off the alarm in Costa, had a meltdown in the shop, ran off from me in Boots and ran round and round screaming ‘you can’t catch me mummy, you can’t catch me’.

“He climbed on to a shelf, and jumped off it, by which point I was like ‘I’m not in control of you at all’ so I put him in the car with my mum, and as soon we got in the car, he went: “Grandma, you look nice,””

(We’ve all had them do something all angelic and cheeky like this, right? ???)

“He’s a genius. He is a terrible genius, he knows what to do. He certainly knows how to play the system.

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“He knows the cute factor, so if I tell him off he’ll go ‘but I wuv you mummy’ or he’ll put his hands behind his back and go ‘I love you this much’ and I’m like ‘ugh’.”

(Helen makes a noise, as if she’s just been punched in the gut.)

We’ve got to say: our own toddlers had a lot of “character”, too. So, hearing all this from an uber-cool mum like Helen definitely makes us feel a little less alone in the world ?

Especially since she’s also not afraid to admit she uses the odd bribe to make sure Ernie’s on board when they’re out with 8-month-old baby Louis…

Something, we reckon, loads of us may have succumbed to at some point or another.

“It’s a game changer when you have 2 kids, definitely. Hectic,” Helen tells us. “I think with one you can always man mark them but with 2 you’re outnumbered, so you have to get the eldest one on board.”

“I spend a lot of time saying to my eldest: ‘We’re gonna do this today and if you do this and then this, we *might* go to the toy shop. If you don’t set off the fire alarm in the coffee shop, we *might* go to the park.

“I know that’s like bribery, but that works for me. With Ernie, I really feel like I need to tell him what’s happening.

“And then he nods, and says ‘ahhh, OK’ [like he gets it].”


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What’s the most ‘terrible’ thing your toddler’s done during that phase? And, like Helen, have you ever been tempted to use bribery to ensure your toddler’s good behaviour?

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Helen Skelton is the spokesperson for the Baby Jogger City Select LUX Stroller

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