Herman the German Friendship Cake reaches MFM HQ

Get your children into baking with the latest craze in cake-making


MFM was a little bemused when a kindly neighbour rocked up a few days ago with a pot of white liquid and a set of instructions titled, “How to make a German Friendship Cake.”


“This is Herman,” the neighbour said by way of explanation, and left.

MFM placed the pot of Herman on the kitchen table and investigated. He smelled very yeasty and the instructions informed us he wouldn’t be ready to bake for another nine days.

Herman the German Friendship Cake is the latest baking craze sweeping the country. If your child hasn’t come home with a pot of mixture yet, it’s only a matter of time.

The pot we received is a yeast mix that creates the sodacake base of the friendship cake. The yeast bubbles away with the other ingredients for 10 days and is then ready to be baked. All you have to do is stir him every day, and add flour, sugar and milk on day 5.


You can find instructions on caring for Herman on the German Friendship Cake website, which also shows you how to create a brand new Herman if you want to kick start this chain-cake among your child’s friends.


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