Heroic gran delivers granddaughter on a roundabout

Grandmother steps in to deliver baby girl as daughter goes into labour on the roadside


When Jessica Davies went into labour, it was her mum who came to the rescue.  Heroic granny, 47 year-old Julie Morrison, was driving her daughter to hospital when her waters broke.


“I got her in my car and tried to get her to the hospital on time. We got to Huntley and her waters broke. She was screaming that she had to push,” explained Julie.

But it was all a bit dramatic for shocked dad, Philip. “Philip was useless. He was being sick. I didn’t know what to do but I couldn’t leave her,” complained Julie.

She pulled up at the side of the road and managed to deliver a healthy baby girl, Alexi-Ann. “My mum is the one who delivered her, she is our hero,” said Jessica.


Within minutes, an ambulance crew arrived on the scene to take Jessica and 7lb 12oz Alexi-Ann to hospital. No worse for her dramatic arrival, the family went home the next day.

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