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Hilarious (and embarrassing) baby snaps from the website, 'I Hate My Parents'

MFM couldn't help but laugh at these amusing pictures sent in by embarrassing parents around the world

Parents can be so embarrassing, can't they?

The internet is a wonderful thing. It's a great chance to share your most prized pictures of family and loved ones - as well as embarrassing your children with hilarious baby snap shots that'll haunt them when they get older!


Yes, we're talking about the new website aptly called, 'I Hate My Parents', which gives knowingly embarrassing parents the chance to post their side-splittingly funny baby snaps for the world to see.

We've all been there when the folks pull out the baby photos - so spare a thought for these babes...


We've picked our favourite from the bunch which made us chuckle - from Smurf baby to Rabbit baby! Have you got any embarrassing snaps of your children you'd love to share? Don't shy and post them as 'Talkback'.


Hopping mad


Feeling blue?


Human sized cuddly toy!




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