Hilary Duff – “I have to learn to let go of the way I do things”

New mum Hilary reveals she struggled at first to let others look after new baby Luca and explains how motherhood has helped her appreciate her imperfections


Former Disney star Hilary Duff has admitted she struggled to allow others to look after baby Luca at first, but now she’s learning to let go.


“Despite my best intentions, I have to learn to let go of the way I do things. My mum has been taking Luca while I do pilates for an hour and I had to stop giving her directions about how I changed Luca’s diaper,” Hils told Parade.com.

“Even with Mike, he’s not going to do everything the way I would do it – and vice versa – but we just want the best for Luca. It’s helped me appreciate Mike’s role in his life and that we’re doing things with the most love that we can. He’s really hands on and I appreciate any little help I can get,” said Hilary.

The 24-year-old also opened up about how motherhood has helped her appreciate her imperfections. “Right when I really started to show, I would look in the mirror and wonder whose body that was! But then about a month later, I just felt really proud that I had a body that could do what it was doing,” she explained.

“It is incredible what your body can do. You can appreciate all of your imperfections because you have a beautiful baby who came from you and all that you went through,” Hilary said.

So mums, hands up who found it difficult to hand over the reins when their little one was born?

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