Hilary Duff keeps it real with post-workout treat

The new mum works up a sweat at the gym, but keeps it real by stopping off for a takeaway on her way home, according to reports


New mum Hilary Duff was apparently spotted getting a takeaway after a sweaty spinning class yesterday in Los Angeles. It seems baby Luca’s mum could be a girl after our own heart!


The former Disney star gave birth to her first child Luca Cruz just over three weeks ago, but doesn’t seem to be dragging her heels when it comes to getting back to the gym. Hilary tweeted after her workout, “holy sore body!!! @soulcycle kicked my booty!!!! Ouchieee.”

Hils later followed up with a tweet to her instructor saying she felt “powerful and strong” and can’t wait to go back. Um, we’d still be in our PJs!

Many fitness experts recommend new mums take it easy for the first six weeks, too. Personal trainer Marc Marchant advises, “You don’t have to wait six weeks after birth to start exercising your pelvic floor however, so this is a great way to get back into exercise gently.”


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