Hilary Duff’s safe pregnancy workout revealed

Celebrity fitness guru Harley Pasternak talks through pregnant Hilary’s carefully-planned exercise regime


Hilary Duff has enrolled the help of a personal trainer to keep her fit and healthy throughout her pregnancy. Fitness guru Harley Pasternak is guiding actress Hilary, 23, who is expecting her first baby with husband Mike Comrie, ensuring that she keeps safe while staying in shape.


Harley is working with Hilary three-five times a week, concentrating on low impact exercises, which she does in a room that’s kept cool. They also focused on managing Hilary’s heart rate in her first trimester.

“No impact, no hyper bouncing, you also want to back off stretching quite a bit. Women become hyper flexible when they’re pregnant. In the second trimester, we’re staying away from any exercises where she’s lying on her back that could put pressure on her midsection. We just go lighter and higher reps on certain exercises. So there’s nothing pressing against the stomach and breasts,” Harley revealed to People magazine.

Harley, who is a friend of the Duff family, is also helping Hilary with her pregnancy diet – helping her find substitutes for her sushi cravings.

“I suggest cooked fish low in mercury, like a piece of grilled salmon.”

Keeping fit during pregnancy can benefit both you and your baby. Check out our tips for safe exercises during pregnancy and also the exercises to avoid.

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