HiLo – the cool new highchair that does back flips

MFM checks out the newest innovation in high chair design, that promises to last your child from 6 months to 6 years


MFM’s first spot at this year’s Baby Show for Trade was theHiLohighchair. Funky looking in a range of colours and pinewood, the chair promises to keep your child at the table from the start of weaning until he’s 6 years old.


But what child wants to sit in a high chair until he’s 6? None we know! So theHiLohas got round this problem by flipping the chair upside down to become a table chair, at the same height as the rest of the family.

As a high chair, the plastic table slots on for eating, drawing and playing. When your child’s a little older, the seat lifts up and round, turning upside down on itself and becoming a lower chair (see picture below!). You can fit the table back onto the chair, or theHiLocan be pushed up to the dining table so your tot can join you for meals.


It’s got all the lovely eco-friendly, BPA-free, chemical-free credentials we’d expect and Age, who make it, believe it will stop parents having to buy multiple chairs. However, it doesn’t come cheap, retailing at £269.99 and we’d challenge you to find the 5-year-old who’s happy to sit in his old baby seat, however different it looks!

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