Holiday childcare problems solved by 2.5 million grandparents

Grandparents are being called upon as 'holiday helpers' for their grandchildren this summer holiday


A huge number of families are following the new ‘three-generational’ holidaying trend, found a new study by RIAS, the over 50s insurance provider. Almost one fifth of the UK’s grandparents, which is around 2.5 million, will accompany their children and grandchildren on holiday solely to provide childcare assistance.


“As parents feel more pressure to put longer hours in at work and cut costs at home, grandparents are increasingly stepping in when childcare is needed – they are truly family saviours,” said Janet Connor, Managing Director at RIAS.

“The results show that the three-generational holiday is here to stay. This is encouraging because a break away is a great opportunity for grandparents to spend quality time with their grandchildren, deepening their bond,” Janet added.

However it’s not just during holidays abroad that grandparents are needed – 45% of grandparents claim they’re increasingly called on to provide childcare duties while their children return to work. The main reason parents are heading back to work is the current economic climate, agreed 28% of grandparents.

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