Holidays for toys – without you!

Treasured toys turn tourists as dedicated owners bizarrely send them to take in the sights of Barcelona


If this year’s budget won’t stretch to a family holiday, you could always compromise by sending off your child’s favourite toy to enjoy a well-earned break on his own.


That’s the thinking behind Barcelona Toy Travel (BTT), a travel company for children’s (and adults’) toys. It offers your toy a trip to see the sights of Barcelona complete with photos with all the sites and a dedicated Facebook page to document his adventures.

The travel package starts at £60 plus the costs of shipping your toy out to Barcelona. It seems like an odd idea, but BTT claims it’s all for the “love of cuddly toys and teddy bears”.

Daniel Bacho, spokesman for the company, sees it as a perfectly natural alternative to taking a break yourself. “A lot of people are opting for the next best thing and sending their stuffed toys instead,” he explained.


Does your child’s toy deserve a holiday? We think you deserve a holiday more!

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