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Holly Willoughby writes a parenting book that we really want to read

The celeb mum of 3 is bringing out a "calm guide through the chaos" - sharing the exhausting bits as well as the brilliant bits

Celebs like to do things after having babies. Some launch maternity or children's clothing ranges, others (Myleene Klass, Tess Daly, Jools Oliver) write parenting books.


Holly Willoughby has already done the maternity fashion thing and is now getting ready to release her parenting book, Truly Happy Baby: It Worked For Me.

But instead of the more usual celeb 'Instagram view' of parenting, this book promises to be a "calm guide through the chaos", and is one we really want to read,

For starters, This Morning presenter Holly has waited to have 3 children - Harry, 6, Belle, 4, and 1-year-old Chester with her husband Dan Baldwin - before sharing her experiences.

Plus, the book blurb states, "Holly knows that one-size-fits-all parenting doesn’t work," with Holly explaining that all three of her children have been different to bring up.

Announcing the book on Instagram, Holly writes, "I'm so excited to announce my new book, Truly Happy Baby: It Worked For Me... Having had three very different babies myself, I wanted to gather together all the best bits I've learnt along the way looking after my family, and share them with you! It's out in June… link in my bio Xxx"

And hurrah, Holly wants to encourage mums to "trust their natural instincts" and "mummy intuition" during the first 12 months of parenthood and do so "confidently and happily". We absolutely agree.

And finally, there's a big promise. "Holly will hold your hand through the exhausting bits and share in the brilliant bits, too," says the blurb.

Well, we've always fancied having Holly as a bezza so maybe this is the book for us!

The book is already available for pre-order on Amazon. Would you be interested in Holly's parenting advice?

Photo: Instagram / Holly Willoughby

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