Hollywood is not the best place to raise kids, admits celeb dad-of-three

Puss in Boots star Antonio Banderas talks about fatherhood and shares his top tip for parents


After seeing him in countless major Hollywood films we seem to know Antonio Banderas, the international movie star, quite well. But now we get to learn more about Antonio the dad!


The actor, 51, who is a step-dad of two and biological dad of one with wife Melanie Griffith, has opened up about parenting children in Hollywood.

“Well, my babies live under different circumstances probably than other kids. Hollywood is not probably the best place in the world to raise kids. You have to be very careful for many different reasons,” said Antonio, reports US site modernmom.

“One of the reasons is the perception that they may have about what life is all about. Life is not Beverly Hills. There are other people around the world that live in completely different circumstances,” he added.

Antonio also admitted to feeling guilty for not spending as much time with his children as much as other dads do.  “I feel a little bit guilty because I spend a lot of time – because my professional life – outside of the house, so it’s difficult sometimes just to keep up with the kids as a normal family. Sometimes they spend two, three, four months outside of the house,” said Antonio.

Despite his busy acting career, Antonio still seems to have the answer to finding the right balance between working and family life. The answer, he says, is quite simply love.

“My wife and I, we are staying together now for 17 years. What is the secret? The secret is that we love each other. It is that simple and that complicated. I mean, remember that love has been trying, you know, to be defined by poets for centuries. That is the key of everything,” he said.

Antonio, who voices popular character Puss in animated films Shrek and Puss in Boots, also shared what he believes is the best parenting advice.

“Building a world in which being famous is the result of something that you do. Whether it’s in the acting world, you can be a celebrity also because you’re a great doctor or you are a great architect or you are a great journalist. Because you are deserving. You’re professional at tasks,” he said.

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