Horror as baby in buggy is blown onto tube tracks

Heart-stopping CCTV footage shows mum was able to rescue the tot with just seconds to spare


What a nightmare! One minute your baby is in a buggy at the bottom of the stairs in an London Underground station, the next the baby and buggy are on the tube tracks. 


These parents lived through this heart-stopping moment and incredibly managed to get their baby and buggy of the tracks. 

The couple at Goodge Street tube station in Central London on 23 July. They apparently had two buggies to get down the stairs. They brought the first one down together, and the father left the pushchair and child at the bottom of the stairs, in the area between two different platforms. 

He then went back up the stairs to help his partner with their second buggy. 

What he hadn’t realised was that very strong gusts of wind blow down these tunnels, particularly when a train nears a station. A big gust of wind clearly caught hold of the lightweight buggy and unbelievably blew it first onto the platform and then on to the tracks. 


CCTV footage shows all of this happening, and the child’s mum running onto the platform.

She then jumps down on the tracks, narrowly missing the live rail, to get her baby and pushchair back to safety.

Only seconds later a train pulled up to the platform – she’d saved her baby just in time.


And now British Transport Police have released the CCTV footage as a warning to other parents.

They’re keen to stress that trains and the London Underground are dangerous places, and parents need to be aware of the risk and hazards, including strong gusts of wind, at all times. 

“This incident shows just how much respect rail passengers should have for the network,” Chief Inspector Mark Lawrie said.

“It is, when used incorrectly, a hazardous environment and the proper care should always be taken, particularly on busy platforms and in areas which are affected by the gusts of wind which can blow through tunnels.”

Have you ever had an incident where your buggy has been blown away from you? Or ever seen this happen?


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