We all know how important it is to keep a very close eye on your toddler around flames - camping with an open fire can be so lovely, and as long as you pay attention to what your little one's doing there's no issue.


But here at MFM, we have to admit we never imagined that ashes from an open fire could still be scalding hot for as long as 16 hours after the flames had been put out ?

Sadly, the Cormier family discovered just that when their little boy, 2-and-a half-year old Tristan, fell into the ashes of a fire pit which had been burning the night before and which they had doused with water before going to bed.

Luckily, they got Tristan out speedily (after about 30 seconds) but the embers were hot enough to leave him with some serious burns.

Shelley wrote:

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"Please please please be careful this summer with your children around fires and for many hours after 48+ hours.

"The pain that I've seen my child in and continue to be in...literally makes me sick to my stomach! I know accidents happen...but if my message can raise awareness. ?

"I never ever would want a child or parent to have to go through the pain and suffering we have been through these past two weeks. ?

"Please if you haven't shared this post yet please do!! From a mom who heart is torn ?


According to Brian Levesque, a fire prevention officer with the City of Edmonton, Canada, people don't realise just how hot fires can remain, even after you think it's been extinguished.

He told PopSugar: "If it looks like it is out but they're not 100 percent sure, the best thing to do is to add more water, give it a really good stir, add more water, stir it again, and add more water.

Just to be sure, to make sure it's really well flooded," he told Global News.

"You don't want any smoke. You don't want to hear any popping. You don't want to hear any hissing. You don't want to see any steam coming off the wood anymore."

Wow, what a horrible ordeal Tristan has been through.

The good news is, he's out of hospital and his skin graft took 95%.

Thanks to the family for sharing this important message - and stay strong ✊

Image/video: Shelley LeBlancCormier on Facebook

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