Housewife vs stay-at-home mum – let the name game begin!

Mums feel insulted by the term 'housewife' and prefer 'stay-at-home mum', a new survey has found.


Mums would prefer to be called ‘stay-at-home mums’, a survey of 2,000 mums by retail chain Mothercare has found.


“Times have changed and clearly mothers feel there are now more modern and perhaps more descriptive names that fit their role,” said Liz Day, from Mothercare.

Two-thirds of mums said they hate being called ‘housewives’, because they think the term is negative and insulting. Mums say they prefer the title ‘stay-at-home mum’ because this reflects positively on the fact they consider childcare to be their number one priority, with household chores a shared responsibility between them and their partner, reports the Daily Mail.

“In the 1960s it was quite normal to expect the mother to give up work and stay at home to bring up the children but lifestyles and technology have changed dramatically since then so the care of children and the household is now the responsibility of the whole family,” said Liz.

Mums’ key priorities are apparently now the happiness of their children, cooking balanced and healthy meals and ensuring their children reach their milestones.

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