16-year-old student makes £48k – by naming Chinese babies

How a niche idea became a business for this Loose Women panellist's daughter...


An A-level student has made BIG business out of something you probably wouldn’t expect – naming Chinese babies.


Feeling confused? Yep? Read on…

16-year-old Beau Jessup, from Gloucestershire, set up the website specialname.cn, which Chinese families can use to pick out an English name for their baby.

It’s thought that having an English name is considered important in China – as children will often take up periods of study in Western countries, and it’s said to be vital for university emails and applications.

But as internet access is restricted in China, it’s hard to find suitable sources to choose English-sounding names from.

The website operates fairly simply. A family pays roughly the equivalent of 60p, inputs the sex of the baby and chooses 5 traits they’d most like the child to have from a series of options.

The website then generates 3 suitable names… and the BBC writes that the options are shared to China’s chat app, We-Chat, for friends and family to help make the final decision. Then BAM! You’ve got yourself a classic English baby name.

A pretty cool idea, we say ?

So, why would a 16-year-old student even think to pursue such a niche business?

It turns out Beau had been asked to name a family friend’s baby during a visit to China before – and she was keen to help parents-to-be avoid some dire mistakes.

Beau told the BBC: “I’m not really qualified or relevant enough in that baby’s life to be the person to give it a name.

“[But] there are quite a few examples where people have gotten the names wrong.

“Being exposed to luxury items and things like Harry Potter, Disney films and Lord of the Rings means they use those for reference. I once heard of someone called Gandalf and another called Cinderella.”

Apparently, she even met a baby called Rolex.

Clearly her smart idea is a huge hit – the site has named countless babies and she’s made a reported £48,000 as a result. We bet her mum, Lisa Maxwell (known for appearing on the Loose Women panel) is well proud ?

Did you use a baby name site to help pick out your little’s one name? Did you care about the name’s origin – or just what it means?

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