Becki Wilson, from Stockport, was devastated when, at 15 weeks pregnant, doctors confirmed that her baby wouldn't live long after birth - and at 25 weeks they offered her a late termination.


Becki decided to continue with the pregnancy, however, and gave birth to a little boy, Carter-James, at Wythenshawe Hospital in Manchester.

He was put on an oxygen machine and responded well at first, but sadly died at just 16 hours old.

“Saying goodbye and parting with our beautiful boy was one of the hardest things we’ve ever had to do,” Becki told the Manchester Evening News.

After Carter-James died, Becki was given a 'cuddle cot' - a bit like a refrigerated bassinet - that keeps your baby at an appropriate temperature so that the family can spend more time with them.

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“I got to stay with my son for three days," Becki revealed.

"I got to dress him, got to wash him and got to stare at him for hours like any other mother would. Being able to do that made a dramatic difference.

“I felt like I was able to be a mum to him, and that’s something I’ll never forget.

“I’m eternally gratefully to [the hospital] for helping to make my boy's 16 hours and some time after the most magical of my life.”

Becki heard of other families who wanted to do the same but as no cuddle cot was available, they weren't given the chance, and she said it hit her like a "tonne of bricks" that they weren't able to spend that extra time with their baby as she had.

With this in mind, she's started a campaign, With Love Carter James (please note this features photos of little Carter-James in his cuddle cot) to raise money for the cots, so other mums and dads get to share precious extra time with their newborn.

We wish you well with the campaign, Becki, and our thoughts are with you and your family at this time ?

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