It's Baby Loss Awareness week, and lots of women who have been taking the opportunity to mark the brief lives of their babies lost in pregnancy, or during or shortly after birth.


Jack Osbourne's wife Lisa took to social media this week to share her memories of her son Theo who she lost when she had a late-term miscarriage two years ago. Taking to Instagram, she shared a beautiful image of a card with two tiny footprints on it.

Lisa also shared a picture of a burning candle that she lit on Thursday evening as part of the Wave of Light on Pregnancy and Infant Loss Remembrance Day.

Former Coronation Street actor Kym Marsh's son Archie was stillborn 21 weeks and five days early. She posted a poem on Twitter about her loss.

A charity that helps

The loss of a child is, of course, the most heartbreaking experience any parent can go through, and the loss of a lifetime of milestones for their child must be utterly overwhelming.

And while nothing can take away the pain of such a loss, Remember My Baby is a charity devoted to helping in some small way, by capturing precious moments for parents of children they have lost before, during or after birth.

All the charity's photographers work on a volunteer basis and are available to every birth centre and hospital in the UK and every family they work with will be given the gift of free photographs they can treasure.

Want to help?

Are you a photographer? See what you can do. Alternatively, why not make a donation.


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