How Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter heard about her mum’s death

Four-year-old Dannielyn's dad reveals how he explained that mum Anna Nicole was now "in the clouds"


Anna Nicole Smith‘s daughter Dannielyn, 4, knows that her famous mum has passed away and she thinks she’s “in the clouds”, her dad Larry Birkhead has revealed.


Talking about how he explained why Dannielyn’s mum isn’t around, he said, “She knows her mum has passed away. At first I said, ‘Your mummy’s up in the clouds.’ Then we were on on an aeroplane and she asked, ‘Which cloud is mummy on? Maybe she can come and play?'”

Larry also said that Dannielyn reminds him of her mum. “I see her mum in everything she does. We were at the Kentucky Derby recently and she started smiling and posing just like her mum would if she was here. People often say that she should model, but I don’t want to push her,” Larry explained.

When Anna Nicole died in 2007, Larry was granted full-custody to Dannielyn after battling it out with Anna Nicole’s partner at the time, Howard K. Stern. After a paternity test, it was revealed that Larry was Dannielyn’s biological father.

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