How common is your child’s birthday?

Well, this sure goes to show a lot of couples get busy over Christmas…


Have you ever met someone with the same birthday as your child? The chances are quite slim, but the Office for National Statistics has released a graphic so you can work out just how unique your child’s birthday is.


The interactive graph shows a big peak in births in late September – which shows that more babies are conceived in the weeks leading up to and the few days after Christmas than at ANY other time of the year. How festive!

Honestly, between shopping, wrapping and peeling the sprouts, we don’t know how anyone finds the time.

So, what’s the most popular birthday?

26 September was the most popular day for babies to be born on over the last 20 years – with an average 2,000 births. The date falls exactly 39 weeks and 2 days after Christmas Day.

When’s the most unusual birthday? 

Well, 29 February has the lowest total number of births – but unsurprisingly this is because it only occurs once every 4 years because of leap year.

But 1 April also ranked low – perhaps as parents try to avoid an April Fool’s baby.

While Christmas is a popular time to conceive, it’s an unpopular time to actually give birth. This is probably due to all the bank holidays, as hospitals will generally only be delivering natural births and performing emergency caesareans. Induced births and elective C-sections are likely to be arranged after bank holidays.

So how popular is your child’s birthday? Let us know in the comments below.

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